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“A creative life, and then I find it hard to distinguish what Alberta ``is`` from what Alberta ``can do``. Because one thing they do not necessarily have to be two and because it is impossible to make geometry of creativity when the creative is also effective and concrete thoughts and behaviors. Creativity is certainly an innate ability but that does not mean going cultivated and made to grow by exploiting the possibilities offered by the environment with which it interacts.

Alberta was founded in 1970 in Senigallia, a small town that is not so far from the rest of the world, the acid rock leaves the road to disco and punk rock, and is little more than a child when he closes the door of “a room of her own “and spins the tapes of Angela, her older sister, to stand in front of the mirror and dance. Dancing is the first expression of the need to communicate through body movements their emotions and feelings but the next moment is already tension, suction. What I want to do when you grow. The question mark is missing, the dance is already a certainty. He frequents small dance schools near home and graduated from training school.

The years of higher education are the years of the television broadcasts of worship today, these transmission activities consecrate the characters of the most famous in the history of national television broadcasts are popular Saturday night, transmissions with a large body of dancing star and their soubrette, the effervescence of Heather Parisi and initials of the variety that splash in the top of the charts. These are the years in which the TV feeds an entire generation of the dream of the show as a “profession”. So Alberta leaves his town to achieve the Diploma of Italian Professional Dancer at the Renato Greek Dance Studio in Rome.

The training is complete, you promote and practice the culture of ballet, modern, contemporary and funky, but the courses also provide operation and specialization in all other performing arts such as singing and acting, later perfected at Academy in Rome created by Gigi Proietti. In 1992 he chose Gino Landi, great director and choreographer, theater and television, national and international, a professional association important that the door first in RAI and MEDIASET then in film and television programs most important of those years.


In 1994, in full professional racing, he decided to move to the United States that are the main center for testing and research of the dance. The study of dance in America, particularly at Debbie Reynold’s School where she was immediately donated a scholarship, reinforces the need for a body language more flexible, varied and multifaceted, and the reference to the dance, as it is designed and made in Italy, it is enhanced by that of other sports. Greater freedom of movement and a consideration of the dance even as artistic expression of the body but also as a sport. In the United States the sport has a key role in the national culture and the spread of the practice of physical movement has developed new skills such as personal coaching. A good dancer is a good athlete and a good athlete can be a good coach if supported by adequate preparation. Alberta deepens as strategies and techniques related to the physical and mental training of artists and athletes to improve performance, studying psychology, psychosomatic, anatomy, osteopathy and posture. The personal coaching is nothing but the natural evolution of consciousness that Alberta has its body and its inner resources.

Back in Italy, her skills are enriched with prestigious collaborations, Nanni Moretti Luca Tommasini for film and television productions, live concerts, fashion events and commercials. After only five years, first as a dancer and then as assistant choreographer, is beginning to be required as an art director, choreographer and personal coach for renowned artists.

alberta allegrezza dancer
alberta allegrezza dancer

What moves is the concept of “balance” between body and mind, an experience that lives “personally” and “really”: some have the innate ability to control their own bodies through the mind and others can not even imagine could. The mind exerts a powerful influence in control emotions, to relieve pain and promote healing. And it is also true the other way: the mind affects so much of our ability to set limits that instead we would be able to overcome. The Western tradition has not been able to think of a philosophy unitary body-mind, the body is thought of in terms of efficiency but not as a temple of the soul. And it is finding that balance that drives Alberta to deepen the study of the themes of the body in Eastern tradition in an attempt to restore a psychological value.

The physical body becomes a “living body”

The ancient Chinese thought of the dynamics of opposites – Yin and Yang – the Indian tradition of the Vedas – matter and motion are not thinkable separately – Ayurveda – body and mind are constantly being renewed and each other – combine with the practices of other disciplines. Alberta graduated in Pilates Mat, Functional Training, kettlebells, he moved to India and is certified in Ashtanga Yinyasa, Flow Yoga and Pranayama Technique.

A good personal coach must be able to set the work in a functional way to the concept of body-mind balance and it is for this reason that Alberta integrates fitness activities with the most effective techniques derived from Eastern disciplines. 

Found this balance, the energy that comes to view objectives without the limitation of not reaching them. Especially in sports that has a positive effect because it allows you to control its will eliminating the limiting factors such as fatigue, tension, pain, stress that influence motivation and negatively affect the physical energies. The narcissistic aspect of our sports culture is thus replaced by the well-being that comes from being comfortable with yourself and in harmony with its surroundings. And it is the message being that Alberta wants to teach to those who meet, respect and attention to their needs, care about their appearance that is mental and physical balance, attention to time for relaxation and meditation, awareness breathing and sensory perception of our surroundings, kindness response and metaphor for life.

Currently, Alberta works as a personal coach and trainer of teachers, collaborator spa, holistic centers and sports centers, agrees with international trainers to share and promote new techniques of physical and mental approach.

In 2015, in collaboration with the Indian colleagues, she founded an international school recognized by the Yoga Alliance, the global organization for the training of teachers of Yoga.

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