Everything we are is the result of what we think``


“The past years, facing the beautiful but harsh world of show business with determination and strength, has taught me a lot. Unconsciously, without fear, I plunged into a world totally foreign to me, not knowing where to start. The only thing I knew for certain was that I wanted to become a professional in show business and take on the grand stage. And so it was!

My desire was so ingrained in me that I could look beyond the world full of obstacles simply because I assumed I was acting to make it!

I developed myself – from learning to coaching and soon to autorigenerarmi and realized my desire and reached where I wanted to be! My earnest determination did not go unnoticed and I was soon in demand as a “preparation coach”.

I began to share my personal experiences and professional inputs in the preparation of artists and athletes of national and international repute, helping their professional growth as a whole. “

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. If you want to change your fate, change your attitude

(Amy Tan)


My personal method of training and coaching comes from my experience in various disciplines and sound knowledge through various studies.

In a nutshell, I like to call my method of training as “creative sports & mind coaching”… a creative mix of targeted physical training and development of physical and mental awareness thereby developing and transforming overall physical, mental and behavioural attitude.

What distinguishes a simple sports trainer from a coach, is the holistic approach (the Greek word ‘olos’ meaning all or whole) in which the individual is regarded as a complete whole.

The coach is attentive not only to the physical appearance of the person, but also takes into consideration the psychosomatic aspects. The nervous, endocrine, and immune systems all communicate with each other. This means that the mind, emotions, and the body are not separate entities, but interconnected.

Each person communicates through words but not all messages go through the verbal code. There is a much more subtle but effective communication that is expressed through non-verbal communication: we speak through gestures, posture, facial expression, tone of voice. Non-verbal communication is much more direct and effective than we think; to the point where it is able to overcome the power of the word.

In short, the body is the expression of what we decide to be, what we want, and our communication with ourselves.

How many times does it seem that the world does not understand us? And what is the reason for the world for not understanding us correctly? Do you think you articulate who you really are, what you really mean? Or does your body communicate different things from that which you claim in words?

You are convinced that what you say and do is what you really are and what you really want until you encounter the essence of your being: And then you discover that in everything that you were so far certain, in fact, there is no assurance!

But you smile because you know that if you have come to this conclusion it means that this is the right time for a positive change and improve physical, mental, and emotional communication.

Are you ready to be reborn?!!

Enjoy Life!!



The kettlebell, also known as Gyra, is a cast-iron, spherical shaped weight with a single handle – starting from 4 kg to 48 kg and even beyond. The handle allows you to hold the weight and easily manipulate it during dynamic training.

The Kettlebell has a rich history and physical culture. The shape of the Kettlebell, as we know it today, has its origins in Russia. But there are also rumours that it was already used by the Greek athletes and gladiators thousands of years ago.

It was soon adopted by the Armed Forces and by the Russian Special Force as a system for training their soldiers. They regarded the Gyra as one of the most effective means for developing explosive strength, agility, and endurance.

…I know, it looks scary!!!

I want to be sincerely and say that the impact with the Kettlebell is not always light! But once you get to know and use it, you will love it forever!


Training with the Kettlebell can be quite exhausting, but the results are fantastic!  You can see and feel it in your body. Kettlebell training offers the opportunity to train more muscles simultaneously through simple exercises, using natural movements, respecting the physiology and biomechanics of the body.

The Kettlebell provides a mix of cardio training with weights bringing 100% oxygenation to the blood.

Lifting and moving it requires strength, skill, dexterity and coordination; it increases flexibility, power, muscular resistance, and cardiovascular and muscular endurance. It improves posture and helps achieve harmony between body structure and function.


Functional Training is a training modality for everyone and is not just restricted to professional sports people. This type of training does not target one particular muscle group but attempts to improve the movement and function of the whole body. A movement is defined functional when it mirrors the movements of daily life. Functional exercises are characterized by movements that exploit the kinetic chains, involving multiple joints. Functional training exercises train the muscles to work together by simulating common movements in daily life or sport specific movements during training. Functional training emphasizes core stability (abdominal and muscular belt of the hip) and control of the body.

The concept is based on learning a motor gesture that can be used in everyday life. Reactivation and muscular strengthening therefore assume a new importance – that of changing from purely aesthetical to overall health.

To be functional means to be strong, coordinated, flexible and agile. 

My functional training is a continuous creation of exercises aimed at resolving the problem at hand.

I use gym equipment for suspension, balance and dynamic movements: fitball, TRX, ropes, bars, boxes, sack, kettlebell.

I love to find creative solutions and alternatives for the most difficult challenges and achieve the final goal.

In my functional training there is a lot of free body work. As a movement professional, I can confidently say that there is nothing more effective than free body work to understand your body and to train it to be beautiful, natural, harmonious, light and functional!



Pilates is a method that trains one to adopt a correct posture and to bring about harmony and fluidity in movements. Founded by Joseph Pilates, and hence the name, the goal of this approach is to make people more aware of their own body and mind and uniting them into a single dynamic and functional entity. Pilates, in a sense, tries to merge the best aspects of Western physical disciplines and the Oriental techniques.

It is an excellent method for those who need to strengthen the body musculature and correct or improve their posture.

It is recommended for both, sports professionals and for general population.



Artistic coaching is mainly for artists: professional dancers, singers, actors, conductors, and performers in general…it for those whose work involves physical and vocal communication on stage, live shows, television, and cameras…

The preparation and coaching aims at enhancing personal skills already present in the artist at the level of communication and technique, and at the same time to seek new expressions and abilities.

The aim is to work on a particular goal, like preparation for a role in a film, a choreography, stage presence and performance, and important auditions.

My approach varies according to the kind of artist and the role they play in the world of show business, sport, cinema, music…to each their own personal coaching!

artistic coaching

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